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I'm a fan and attend science fiction conventions (I found my husband there actually, running the gopher hole at a Worldcon) and filk conventions. In my aspect at filkcons I am a con-runner, a drummer, a vocalist, organised bunny to fandom, Filk Fund administrator, (ex)painter of Sams, perpetrator of silliness (eg the Oreo Challenge) and generally way too busy.

A reader of fantasy and science fiction books with a marked fondness for children's F&SF. My favourite book (inasmuch as it is the one I most put forward to people who ask for a recommendation of something good to read in the SF field) is Ender's Game. I prefer stories about people - if they get too caught up in the tech or in being clever or overly intricate (especially politically) then they lose me. I like happy endings (though there are some good exceptions to this rule, such as Bridge to Terebithia).

A lover of cats. My life would not be complete without at least one cat to share it.

A fan of ring tailed lemurs.

A downhill ski-er and basic snow junkie. I'll quite happily go out at 2 in the morning if it's snowed (in the UK, because it's darned rare here) just to get to have a snowball fight before it all melts. Finding someone to have the fight with at that time of the morning is always much trickier... Skiing is fun, and is a form of exercise which doesn't kick off my asthma. I love going fast, I love powder (though I'm no good at skiing in it), I love a snow-covered landscape as one drifts over it in a ski lift, especially if it's sunny.

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baking, craft generally, drums, fantasy and sf, fluff, goldfish, kumihimo, oreos, painting, reading, ring-tailed lemurs, sf, snow skiing, techie toys.
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